Hi, I'm Katie.

And I believe everything in life is happening FOR us.

When you go through times where you have to knaw, claw and fight your way out of dark places, we all KNOW how hard it can be when you're in the thick of it. It can feel impossible. Insurmountable. Unfair, unjust and like life could never possibly be okay again. It certainly DOES NOT feel like this is happening FOR us. In fact it can be downright offensive for someone to have the audacity to say such a thing. If you're currently in one of those places, or trying to heal and grow after coming through one, I see you. YOU are who I get up every morning for.

Keep reading for my story.


A little background on me, I'm a professed mindset geek. Complete, absolute NERD when it comes to learning about the brain, how it works, how to improve our life through changes in our belief systems, habits, mental wiring & neuroplasticty, I LOVE IT ALL.

I stumbled upon all of this mindset stuff when I found myself about 8 years ago, lost, broken and needing to rebuild a new life and a new me. I'd experienced things like complex trauma, PTSD from relationship betrayals and narcissitic abuse, a complete loss of identity, 20 years of obesity, depression, debilitating anxiety, lost faith in God, cognitive dissonance, self rejection, self loathing, mid-life divorce, and more... 


Since that time, I've also experienced...

Losing 100 pounds. Finding my self worth and identity. Unraveling and understanding my past trauma and coming to accept and use it for purpose. Rewiring the damage that was done to my brain. Rebuilding a completely new life at age 38. Creating confidence, learning to manage and minimize anxiety. Starting my own business and no longer working for a boss. Building an inpenetrable success mindset so I know I can handle anything that comes and accomplish anything I desire in my life. Learning self love, repect and boundaries. Understanding what true happiness looks and feels like. Finding the love of my life and working hard as a couple to build trust and a real, long-lasting relationship.

It's been A LOT of WORK. And let me tell you, worth every second of it.
Yes, even the darkest, hardest moments. So just keep going.


 The Rewire4Success Podcast

For the last several years, it's been on my heart to use the things I've learned in going through these challenges to help make a difference in other people's lives. To shorten the learning curve, so they can get to their finish line faster, and be able to live the high quality of life they truly want and deserve to have. With this podcast, I intend to cover a broad range of topics, all with the central theme of breaking through the garbage that has broken us down, lowered our self confidence, made us believe lies about who we are, holding us back as women from being our truest, happiest, most authentic and most valuable version of ourself.

My passion is to help women to truly LIVE, and know that they are destined to become no one except the person they decide to be. To give them hope that they too can use everything they go through for incredible growth and purpose. Are you ready to join me on this rewarding journey of self discovery and rewiring your brain for success?

Alright then, let's do this. I'll see you there. 😍

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