Hi, we're Rick & Katie.

And together we overcame Rick's 25 year porn addiction, and all the effects of it.

He was an addict for 25 years, and neither of us knew it when we got into our relationship. I was a deeply wounded divorced mom of two who had previously been a pastor's wife. I had no idea until out of the marriage that I had survived and gotten free from 20 years of what finally understood was narcissistic abuse. I had been groomed by my ex to accept porn at that point, and expected to compete with it, but knew deep down this wasn't the monogamous and emotionally fulfilling relationship I had dreamt of and truly wanted.

When it became clear to Rick and I that porn use was interfering with our life together, I told him that this was a deal breaker for me. That was a dificult boundary to set and took a lot of courage. Thankfully, he told me if it was between me or porn, he chose me.¬†‚̧ԳŹ

You'd think that would have been the end of it... But the 3 year recovery process that we went through following that was extremely painful, damaging, and at one point ended our relationship. Neither of us had any idea what kind of hold this had on him, how difficult and complex this addiction really was, or how much this had impacted his brain or his life.

After porn addiction almost destroyed our family, we knew we had to use the things we learned in this painful journey to help others.


So, like any reasonable person would do, Rick quit his job and came home to work together with me to develop educational content and a proprietary program to help couples save their relationship and their families.

That program is now complete and is changing lives.

Nueroscience Based Approach

A non-religious, non-shaming approach based on psychology, neuroscience and the study of human behavior. 

Free 30 Minute Call

Not a sales call. Let us give you some insight based on our experience and help with what's challenging you most.

From A Couple Who's Been There

Unique to our program, you're talking with a couple who's got first hand experience getting to the other side of this difficult journey.

There is hope.

It has been said that this addiction is more difficult to overcome than cocaine or heroin. That being said, it is absolutely possible with the right help. But does involve much, much more than just abstinence from porn. It means rewiring the brain and completely transforming your life so you no longer have a desire or need for anything or anyone outside of your relationship ever again.

Thankfully being on the other side of this now, we have both learned A LOT in the process and have a tremendous passion to teach people about this addiction and help couples save their families from the effects of this silent killer.

When you have the knowledge, the right guidance and the steps to take so you can be confident in your process, then all that's left is the commitment to do it. 

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